11Th House shows the happiness from our Social Circle

June 30, 2022

Eleventh House of our Kundli is our Social Network. Our Behaviors to get along with people around us what kind of friends we get attracted too is all seen in this house. Eleventh house lord placement and planet sitting in Eleventh House or any aspect from other House on Eleventh determines what kind of friends or social circle you will have. More deeply if we analyze the house we need to check the Nakshatra and its placement too. 

This House indicates casual people you meet in your daily life. Mars indicates unfaithful friends, self and dishonest Friends. 

Moon Graha indicates unfaithful friends, selfish, dishonest and friends who hide information from you.

Rahu indicates large group of friends who are normally very confused and create chaos. Friends who are in need all the time whether be it emotionally or physically.

Saturn is a lazy slow planet so here if Saturn is in Eleveth one will have lazy or laborious friends. Friends having low status it all depends upon the degree, which navamsha it falls under and who aspect Saturn.

Ketu indicates spiritual, helpful and aloof friend. 

Jupiter indicates truthful, generous and intelligent friend. Guru kind of advices native will get and would prove beneficial in the life events. Further we will have to go more deeper to check the position of Jupiter and its lordship.

If incase if there is any connection of 6th, 8th, & 12 house lords with Eleventh House and its lord then we need to further check the quality of friends in depth and navamsha it falls under along with lordship of each planet. Dignity of Planets matters the most, One planet could be auspicious for the native but at the same time the same planet can be Badkesh Graha for the same native, Means Friend can be Badkesh for any event of life of the native. To know more about your Friends and Social Circle you can whatsapp to us on +91 7340712111.

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