Humans are nature’s unique and blessed creations, made out of five elements governed by the 9 Planets in our Solar System. Our lives are always closely associated with nature and its elements. We may control our homes and workspaces to suit our lifestyle, but to energize us, these spaces within our body and external environment must follow nature’s principles. We try to align you in the direction of which your Horoscope Planets are situated in your Horoscope Chart and give you the right approach towards a healthy & happy life with certain Yogic Techniques and understanding your Planet Placement……….

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How important is your lagna

The Lagna plays a very much important role in Vedic Astrology as compared to the Moon in determining the individual Persons Distinct Character. This can be more analyzed or observed with the accuracy of the Lagna degrees & its calculation point in Nakshatra. Lagna takes about an average of Two hours to complete One Zodiac Sign, an approximate of 52 minutes to complete a Nakshatra and an approximate time of 13 minutes to complete a Nakshatra Pada that makes the Lagna to complete its

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House in charts which are Responsible for Liberation/Salvation

  • Ascendant: disclosing one’s physical abilities, health, and inclination of mind.
  • 5th house: indicates feelings/sentiments and religion in God’s existence.
  • 9th house: provides a clue of the act of non-secular and spiritual activities like pilgrim’s Journey, construction of temple/mosque/church or in any religious place.
  • 12th:: indicates liberation/salvation /moksha.
  • Jupiter: is a religious planet.
  • Saturn: is a spiritual planet.
  • Sun: indicates the soul of a person.
  • Moon: indicates one’s mental state.
  • Ketu: is a mysterious planet that governs spiritual thoughts/philosophy/salvation.

Select Date And Time And Know Your Future

Today Modern lifestyle has bright humans to complete stressful life, so ultimately, personal and professional life is affected. The pressure builds up and eventually causes chaos in our daily life and humans tend to get stressed. Our stress life mechanism is so poor that we tend to start going into directions which are not required for eg, Alcohol, smoking, intake of easy fatty food, sugar, caffeine etc. which are actually not required in our lifestyle. We encourage our team, friends, family, relatives & clients to ensure one focus on mental and physical body with the help of Natural Vedic Exercise by Practicing Pranayama & Yoga. Gym could help to relieve physical body stress, but it is equally important to focus on mental health with physical masculine exercises. Our astrological consultation will help one focus on the areas which a native need to work on. We have come to this life with baggage of Karmas from the past work/responsibilities we have done and we are currently getting all the good and bad Karmas already, In the native horoscope astrologers can trigger the area of pains & gains which would come across life, nevertheless we still have to keep fulfilling our responsibility sincerely.

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