The Horse’s Head
Stars: Alpha Arietes Beta Arietes
Ashwini nakshatra known as Castor and Pullox. Its span is from 00.00 to 13.20 Mesha or Aries. In the beginning lord Sun, the life-giving force to planet earth was married to “Sanjana” daughter of Vishwakarma, celestial architecture. Both Sanjana & Surya (Sun) had three children, Yama, Yami & Revanta. Sanjana always felt the heat of the sun and this was getting unbearable, so she planned to leave everything what she had weatlh and family by giving away her roles & responsibilities to her shadow “Chaya” Chaya who was her reflection happily accepted and started to live her life with Sun. Sanjana took the form of Mare (female horse) and she left for her fresh journey. Life for both Sun and Chaya were doing great without sanjana and sun was happy with chaya as she could bear Sun’s heat and was amazing wife. Sun as planet is self- centered and didn’t notice anything unusual about their life, so they Pro- created their own children. As time passed by Yama who was the eldest child noticed the special attention Chaya gives to only younger kids in the family which were born from her. He couldn’t tolerate the injustice and questioned his mother’s behaviors after which he got frustrated and attempted to kick her. Chaya got furious and cursed him that his leg will be infested with maggots and will never heel. This disappointed Yama and slowly he got detached with his own Family and went to do Tapas of Lord Shiva for years where he was blessed to judge the Dharma & Adharma in the Universe for Humanity. Soon the truth was reveled in front of surya (sun), and chaya confronted that she was sanjana’s reflection only. Soon after surya (sun) takes the form of male horse to find his wife sanjana. Ashwini Nakshatra symbolizes that the native will be a healer as Sun and Sanjana Unites in the form of Stallion. They give birth to two Kumara “Natsya & Dasra” who later are known as “Surgeons to the God”. Nastya name has appeared 99 times in Rigveda other name Dasra provides Marvels aid to the needy. Born as half horse and half human bodies.

Profession of Ashwini Nakshatra are mostly in human Medicine & Veterinarian.

Significations of Ashwini Nakshatra: Movement of life or lifeforce within you. Doing something inspiring. The native will have distinct voice either high or low energy depending upon where ketu is posited in the horoscope. Since ketu planet is the planet of detachment, it could bring dullness approach in a native and vice versa depending on the degree. One could see the vagrant or weakness in an individual. Native could be strong in self-expression, or even they could be idiosyncratic. Most of the people born in this nakshatra will have a nickname, since these are twin horses. Though they are twins they will distinguish based on their character slightly. Since this is Chara Rashi, this nakshatra is all about movement, new startup, initiating, reallocation of place or change of journey. Native may be a part of aviation industry as this nakshatra is all about flights. These people will have ability to achieve goals quickly and if there is affliction could lead to wrong path in life. This nakshatra has also something to do with animals. Native could be animal trainer, working in zoo or equestrians. Ashiwins also care about old age people since its ketu so these natives could be geriatric ward or Caretaker in some old homes’ foundation etc.

Since these natives are always on the move, so they will be agitated due to high speed of their energy level. While studying chart you may not find all these qualities in the native but you need to analyze the placement of sign, nakshatra lord & its aspects. Jyotish is all about put on your experience and intuitive to understand what is the lead to the native’s life and counsel him.