“Unlock the secrets of your existence in this Planet Earth” Karma Theory

Varga D/10 or Dasama “Mahat Phalam” Dasamsa or Karmamsa or Swargamsa

Karmamsa or Swargamsa Karmas are our actions. If you observe the Birth Chart, Planets position are placed according what we shall get in present birth. Karma Theory has a big meaning and all religion Granth hav focused on this word called “Karma”. D10 one of the strongest Chart in Astrology. Nakshatras(stars) and Grahas (Planets) just unveil to us our past deeds. Thousands of births are happening in the span of two hours, in other words these natives have same lagna but still their destiny is not the same. Astrologers get deeper into this by analyzing the Divisional Chart. Dashamsha is the 10 th division of the Birth Chart. Mainly this Chart Highlights the 10 th House, which is the house of karma. This chart is analyzed for Professional Achievements, career, trends of destiny, honors, success, promotion/demotion, stress, hobbies, interest, income.

Let’s first know what every house importance is in D10 Chart:

Lagna:   The strength of karmas, the beginning of the career. Strong foundation of Professional life.

Second House:  Resources & Wealth that will be available for us to execute our Karmas.

Third House: This house is the house of Communication & Creativity. The kind of Communications skills that will be used for Career.

Fourth House: Happiness and Comfort from Professional Career. This House denotes the happiness one will get from the karmas.

Fifth House:  House of creativity. In this house we can get information on how your opposition party or your well-wishers can benefit from you.

Sixth House: In your Professional Career the difficulties and obstacles you will face. This house will give information on the environment you will work in.

Seventh House: This house gives information on your Business Partner and your associations that you are going to deal with.

Eight House: Problem in Career and End of career. Hidden activities being conducted in Professions.

Ninth House: The Path used in achieving the Career Goals. Good or Bad can be analyzed with the kind of Planets posited in this house.

Tenth House: Sum total of all actions while executing the karmas. Status received in the Profession.

Eleventh House: Gains and Achievements in Career.

Twelfth House: This house shows how much of your energy is invested in your career. Not only energy but even the expenses incurred in the profession. End of Career can be analyzed in this house also.